Director’s Q&A Frances Hodgkins – Anything but a Still Life – Shoreline Cinema

Frances Hodgkins - Anything but a Still Life at the Shoreline Cinema, Waikanae
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Join director Blandine Massiet du Biest for this exclusive screening of her debut feature, Frances Hodgkins, Anything but a Still Life.

The two special screenings on Friday November 3 will be followed by a Q&A with the director.

First Screening – 10.15am – includes Q&A with the director.
Second Screening – 12.30pm – includes Q&A with the director.

The film explores the life and art of celebrated New Zealand painter Frances Hodgkins. Spending much of her life and career in Europe, Hodgkins was a modernist painter whose work continues to inspire contemporary New Zealand artists.

Retracing Hodgkins’ footsteps, du Biest takes viewers to the places she lived and worked, and sheds light on the challenges she faced and her unwavering commitment to her craft. The film celebrates Hodgkins’ courage and determination as a pioneering woman in the arts, and her enduring legacy as a role model for women everywhere.

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