Arts Festival features Van Gogh Alive

Bruce Peterson is the Founder and CEO of Grande Exhibitions, which creatives interactive, immersive exhibitions that travel the globe. Arts Festival caught up with him ahead of the first Wellington iteration of DIGITAL NIGHTS – Van Gogh Alive.

What can audiences expect from the Van Gogh Alive exhibition?

To be entertained, educated, enlightened and amazed. People will view art and culture like never before in a completely fresh, multi-sensory way huge projected moving images onto a labyrinth of shipping containers stacked 3-high, synchronized to a compelling musical score. The experience is curated to tell the story of Vincent Van Gogh, concentrating on his prolific 10 years of painting in Netherlands and France. DIGITAL NIGHTS – Van Gogh Alive comprises over 3,000 images, choregraphed so the visitor can experience the trials and tribulations of his life through his art all under the starry nights at Wellington Harbour. The beauty is that each visitor will have their own experience. Some will focus on the brush strokes made visible through the high-definition projection, while others will be enamored by the unique environment and overall story and some will just close their eyes and get lost in the music. It’s such a great way to engage people outside of traditional art galleries and museums. For Full Interview and Ticket info: