Horses on Kāpiti beaches

Horses are permitted on all Kāpiti beaches with restrictions on beach urban areas during summer.

You must ride your horse in a safe and careful manner when on the beach. Keep your horse out of the dunes, as these areas are fragile and contain breeding birds and erosion-control plants.

Summer horse restrictions on the beach

Owners may not lead or ride their horses on the beach/foreshore in the following locations:

From 1 December to the end of daylight saving between 11am to 5pm

– From the… southern boundary of Kāpiti district to the Wainui Stream mouth at the north of the Paekākāriki settlement

– From the official beach access at Jeep Road, Raumati South to the

Kāpiti Boating Club, Paraparaumu Beach

– From the Waikanae Boating Club, Waikanae Beach to the Waimeha Stream mouth, Waikanae Beach

– From the beach access point opposite 100 Marine Parade, Ōtaki Beach to the beach access point opposite 8 Marine Parade, Ōtaki Beach.

At all other times and locations, a person may ride or lead a horse on the foreshore.