Paris Museums Place 100,000 Works of Art Online for Free Download

The works of Paul Cezanne, Rembrandt, Monet and a host of other brilliant artists are now available for viewing online and for free download.

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The start of a new decade has also brought a new wave of art entering the public domain. And in France, a collective of 14 museums is starting this year by placing over 100,000 pieces of art on its online portalall of which are free to download and use as you please. Paris Muses, which runs the 14 City of Paris museums, uses the latest technology to digitize its work, ensuring high-quality imagery.

So if you are a lover of Rembrandt, Czanne, or Monet, get ready to start searching. These great painters are among the artists whose work is available through the portal. Aside from being able to download a high-resolution, 300-DPI digitization of an artwork, the online collection includes basic information about the piece, as well as instructions on how the public domain license works.

While the online collection contains over 350,000 of the 1 million pieces held at the Paris Muses, there is an easy filtering system to search only royalty-free imagery. And, of course, you can browse by artist, date, material, and location, as well as by color. By registering, you’ll also be able to annotate your searches, as well as start your own collection of favorites. If you aren’t sure where to begin, Paris Muses has pulled together several thematic collections. Topics include Victor Hugo’s caricatures, Women’s Fashion and Sport, Artists’ Studios, and Paris During the Revolution.

New work is continually being added to the portal, so be sure to check back and see what treasures from Paris’ city museums are available online.

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