Kāpiti Coast Grey Power in Healthy Condition

Kāpiti Coast Grey Power has been found to be in good heart after undergoing a comprehensive review. Grey Power commissioned the review because it wants to remain relevant and progressive in its outlook.

Kāpiti Coast Grey Power President Kevin Burrows says the review report was a good news story in that it found the organisation was meeting its core purpose of advocating for older persons on the Kāpiti Coast with relatively few areas in need of change.

Mr Burrows says the report will be a platform for discussion by Grey Power over the next twelve months and will assist in planning for the future.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of Grey Power and without them Grey Power would be unable to operate. We have about 150 volunteers performing a wide range of tasks they include delivering the Super-people magazine, working in the office and reception and the management committee. All of them do a fantastic job. However, we can always use of more volunteers, the work is stimulating and you meet a wide range of interesting people. Volunteers also reported that they found the work they did for the organisation personally rewarding and uplifting which is always a sign of a healthy culture,” says Mr Burrows.

The review found that the organisation has over four thousand members and produces a wealth of support and advocacy on issues effecting older persons is a real credit to the amazing group of volunteers who do the behind of the scenes work.

A summary of the review’s recommendations will be provided to Grey Power members at the upcoming annual general meeting on 9 May.