White Ribbon Day – story of a survivor

A message on White Ribbon Day 25 November 2017 from a survivor of domestic violence, Kristin Dunne.

“I was reflecting on my journey over the last 10-11 years and if progress in social justice issues is measured in decades – then I think very real progress has been made. The case I was involved in seems to come up around this time of the year and feels like a useful yardstick to measure changes in awareness, tolerance and understanding. I think this week showed a massive improvement in the last decade.

“That is in no small part due to the work of White Ribbon, its ambassadors and the riders. Lesley, Mark and David sharing their tragic losses and perpetrators like Vic and others sharing their learnings has all contributed so much to national understanding.

“Thank you and White Ribbon for all the work you do in the lead up to White Ribbon Day and year round. You are making such a difference. The online comments and expert commentaries of my case show the progress over time and whilst there is clearly still more work to be done, these very open debates are so important to challenge current perceptions. I realise fully that I am one of the lucky ones, who is still here to be able to draw some conclusions from my case. My heart is with all victims who are not so lucky, especially on White Ribbon Day. Keep up the great work. KD”

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