Dale Evans brings own crowd to Kāpiti Council

Dale Evans, famous for inventing ways to rile the Kāpiti Council has decided bringing his own crowd to protest at Council might do the trick.

Mr Evans has taken umbrage at what he says is a Council gone ‘PC Mad’.

Mr Evans placed his mannequins (pictured) outside the Kāpiti Council building last week.

“I attempted to put them outside the Council chambers (1hour until I could see the sensitivity to David Scott’s current situation and I withdrew).

“May I say it highlights the Political Correctness of our Council it has gone overboard, this issue with David Scott should have been internal – certainly not have been exposed to the Community until something was proven. Where is our Mayor and CEO action on this – it certainly says something about our leadership and Public relations in Council.

“We appear to have more issues with Political Correctness complaints from Councils, Government Departments and larger companies. While I agree in principle to the seriousness of some cases my argument is that if as an example if you say to someone ‘You look nice today’ and the person in question says please do not make comments like that to me you naturally no longer do so. Are we getting so uptight about things – when you compliment someone it is supposed to be a positive thing and make people happy.”

Mr Evans said creating a happy, pleasant environment in the work place, is better for the well being of people and the workplace atmosphere – better results.

“After reading in the paper the situation with Cr David Scott – complaints by Staff members – it is not a wonder that Council is not a happy place to work for. Given the high turnover of staff.

“The other matter with regards to me – to have the Police call round at 8pm on Sunday night to say they have had complaints about this issue. I don’t know why they did not just ring me. I followed up with them today and the outcome was – that there is freedom of speech, no file on the complaints. Given that the community can take it in two ways – there is nothing wrong with freedom of speech in this case. I have not named names – I am just highlighting the Political Correctness issues going mad. So people can think about things and think outside the square. Police have much more to worry about than having to follow up trivial matter like this.”