Working on their Night Moves in Peka Peka

Starting this Sunday night (18 Sept), and for the next three weeks, The M2PP team will be carrying out night works around Peka Peka. These are part of getting things ready for a temporary State Highway 1 traffic re-route onto the new local link road that’s planned for October.”

So if you live near this area, you might hear noise coming from the work site as we use machinery to build the new road. If you’re up at that time, you might notice lights and people on site.

“We’ll be working right through the link road route during this time but particularly around the southern end of the link road, near SH1, and at the top of Peka Peka Road,” says the M2PP team.

There will be stop/go traffic management on SH1 for the first week of works.



By now you’ll probably be aware that part of the Expressway completion works include the future re-route of all SH1 traffic through Peka Peka. This is likely to be next month but the M2PP team say they will confirm the exact timing of that change closer to the time.

An updated map of the planned re-route traffic flows has been produced. The new map includes clarification of the connection that will be in place for traffic travelling between Te Kowhai and Gary Roads, and SH1 at that time.