Youth MP challenges Kāpiti voters

“We should only support candidates for Council who publicly oppose the central government imposed Kāpiti Expressway that will damage the Coast forever,” says Kāpiti’s own Youth MP, Jack McDonald.

Mr McDonald, who recently spoke out against the Expressway on television politics show Back Benches, says the National-led government has disregarded the views of Kāpiti people. “They used a shoddy consultative process and subsequently hit us with the biggest threat to our quality of life in decades.”

There are many candidates for council who have come out in opposition to this road. Voters have an opportunity to elect representatives who will fight for their interests and advocate for sustainable transport solutions. Mr McDonald believes the current council has failed to do this.

A Paekākāariki resident and high school student, Jack McDonald has fought these plans since their inception. He made the Sandhills Motorway proposal the focus of his General Debate contribution in Youth Parliament 2010. “Even National Party Youth MPs were shocked to hear of our plight”, says Mr McDonald. “I have yet to find a young person in support of this divisive road”.

He says that the decisions made today will shape the future for the younger generation and voters need to remember that. “It is time for action. The momentum of opposition is building. If the people of Kāpiti unite in their frustration by electing suitable candidates, we can really put the pressure on this populist Government.”