It’s all about rights and responsiblities

The Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce is calling on people to exercise their democratic right to choose their political leaders in the upcoming local body elections.

“Kāpiti really is at a pivotal point in its history,” says Kāpiti Coast Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mark Ternent, “and we need to fulfil our responsibilities by finding out WHO is standing for elected positions, WHAT they stand for and then voting for the people we believe will deliver the best future for our community.”

Mr Ternent says there are a number of local body issues at present especially around our ability to provide essential Council-run services such as water, roading and sewerage. However he says there is one issue that the Chamber wishes to raise this community needs more local jobs.

“We have too few businesses for the size of the population, and we are too susceptible to hurtful economic shocks. We need to provide local employment options for our people and it is a role of Council to help create an environment in which this can happen.”