Damaged or Spoilt Voting Documents

Kāpiti’s Electoral Officer, Jude Wadsworth, says she has recieved around 10 calls advising that people’s voting documents were damaged in the bad weather on Friday.

“Should this have happened to you or anyone you know, please call 04 296 4700 or 0800 486 486 and I will organise a set of papers to be sent to you allowing you to have a special vote.

“Alternately you could visit the Paraparaumu Library meeting room and we can issue the papers to you. You will be required to have a special vote and complete a declaration but you can take these away and post them in if you like,” says Ms Wadsworth.

“The same applies if you mark your papers incorrectly and can’t clearly correct them.” Ms Wadsworth says this can only happen while you have them at home with you. “We can not send out another set of papers if you vote, send your papers in and then change your mind about who you have voted for.”

Jude Wadsworth

Electoral Officer, Kāpiti Coast District Council

175 Rimu Road

Tel: 04 296 4604

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.kapiticoast.govt.nz