Peter Daniel – man of the land

Work hard to maintain the Kāpiti Coast Lifestyle.

Will continue to put honesty and integrity above politics.

Will have a wish list for the District but will always consider affordability.

My background as a Ranger on Kāpiti Island for 22 years and as a tramper in the Taruarua Mountain ranges for many years as a young man and my love of the land between these mountains out to the sea has always been part of who I am.

Have three grown up children, am married to a school teacher and we have a 17 year old daughter adopted form the Caribbean.

Have always been opposed to four laning the WLR only ever voted for linkage with two lanes as well as as a great roadside environment. Remain deeply opposed to a road that is not there for us and divides our communities plus the loss of open spaces.

My parents went to live in Waikanae in 1944 when I was three.

Will continue to have council put more fruit and nut trees into our parks and roadsides where possible.

I want the Aquatic Centre but it has to be affordable.

Have now fulfilled our water promises, both with stopping meters and making the decision on water storage.

Will always advocate for better transport particularly rail, not for just Kāpiti but for all of New Zealand.

Will fight to maintain our precious Village culture.

Promote small businesses but not mega businesses that suck small ones dry. Will always have a heart for the less well off of our district.

Realise the importance of infrastructure.

Have a love of New Zealand and am intensely proud of the Maori Culture and how it identifies New Zealand and New Zealanders.

I love the Kāpiti Coast as we all do and will do my best to keep it as the place we love to live.