Look up. Look out! Metlink gets behind road safety week

Road Safety Week - extra care around schools
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Metlink is getting behind Road Safety Week (20-26 May) by drawing attention to the collective responsibility of keeping each other safe on the road.

Road Safety week is an annual initiative lead by road safety charity Brake, and sponsored by Waka Kotahi and Beca to raise awareness of road safety behaviours that keep everyone safe on the road.

This week, Greater Wellington chair Daran Ponter wants to highlight what road safety means in the context of public transport.

“Awareness of road safety is important for everyone, regardless of the way they travel – by bike, car, bus or train,” Cr Ponter says.

“More than half of all bus incidents on Wellington’s roads are near misses, and it’s important to remember it’s not only the person stepping in front of a bus, or cyclist weaving in and out of traffic, who is at risk. Every time a driver has to brake suddenly, passengers inside the bus are at risk too.

“The sad thing about any road accident is that it’s almost always preventable. Feet stop faster than wheels – be a road safety hero and protect yourself, and others, on the road.” 

Samuel Stairmand, General Manager of Tranzurban Wellington, says road safety is a collective responsibility.

“Our drivers are trained to constantly scan for potential risks and really appreciate those pedestrians, cyclists and other road users who also keep an eye out.

“When everyone is vigilant and staying alert to what is happening around them – looking both ways before they cross the road, wearing bright clothing if walking or cycling at night, and giving buses space on Wellington’s narrow roads – collectively, we keep everyone safe.”

“It’s also important for all road users to remember to lower their speed to 20km/h when passing a stationary school bus,” says Mr Stairmand.

Metlink encourages everyone to look up and look out when travelling and sharing the road with public transport.