Requests for Proposal open for Foxton War Memorial Hall

Foxton Memorial Hall
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Situated in the heart of the town’s CBD on Main Street, and currently owned by Horowhenua District Council, the site provides great opportunity to be developed to a well-used, loved and iconic place.

We are requesting innovative proposals that will utilise the building or site to add to Foxton’s vibrancy.

Horowhenua District Council Chief Executive Monique Davidson says, “If developed appropriately, the centrally located site offers a significant opportunity to attract high numbers of both local and visitor traffic. We are flexible on how the space could be used. Developers do not need to retain the existing building aesthetic; other options will also be considered”.

Located just 100m from Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, which is visited more than 90,000 times a year, Foxton Memorial Hall holds an important place in the identity of the community.

Council has no preconceived notions on how the property will be developed. We are happy to consider proposals that would use the building in its existing form or demolishing it for a new build, and will consider innovative and practical solutions regarding purchase and development.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to put the Foxton War Memorial Hall on the market. During a council meeting held on Wednesday 28 June, Councillors anguished over the decision, debating for hours on the future of the hall. I’d like to acknowledge the hard work of the Foxton War Memorial Hall Incorporated Society volunteers who put together a business case to retain the building.”

Both the previous and current Council went through exhaustive processes to give the community the opportunity to retain the hall. During the 26 May 2021 Council meeting it was resolved that the hall would be transferred to the Society should they meet certain criteria, including demonstrating in their business case how the facility will become self-funding and how ongoing renewals would be funded. The Society was granted a generous extension of time to compile their business case and Council offered financial support during the process.

The cost of obtaining a seismic assessment and remediation plan, and the Society’s ability to meet these costs and secure an ongoing income stream to maintain the building, were dominant factors in the decision to sell the asset.

Council has been working to tighten its belt, and selling the hall aligns with the 2018-2038 Long Term Plan, which was to ‘own and maintain only core property by 2028’. This direction was backed by public in 2015 when the Property Strategy was consulted on and subsequently adopted.

The building is earthquake prone, but a retrofit concept design suggests the building could be strengthened to achieve greater than 44% of the New Building Standard (NBS).

Foxton War Memorial Hall memorabilia will be moved to a suitable location.

More information about the site and how to submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Foxton War Memorial Hall is included in the RFP document which can be found under ‘related information’.

Requests for Proposal must be received by Council by 4pm on Thursday 26 October 2023.