Jail for dangerous drink-driver

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A 42-year-old driver with a “menacing driving history” has been jailed for drink-driving in a fashion that made him a danger and risk to all other road users.

The driver, Alexander John Sinclair, had removed an alcohol interlock device from his car and hot wired it.

It was Sinclair’s ninth driving offence involving alcohol.

In sentencing Sinclair to 15 months in jail, Judge Campbell Savage told him “you just don’t seem to get it.”

The sentence related to three charges – driving with excess blood alcohol, driving in breach of an alcohol interlock licence (AIL) and breaching bail.

Judge Savage told Sinclair, “You had been drinking and have driven with an exceedingly high level and driven in a fashion that brought you to the attention of other road users.

“It seems to me the ability to restrict yourself is almost non-existent. When you drink, anything can happen, and it usually does.”

When stopped Sinclair’s blood alcohol level was 230 milligrams, plus or minus 12mg, of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. The legal infringement limit for drivers over 20 years is 50mg per 100ml while the criminal charge limit is 80mg.

Sinclair’s lawyer Tiffany McRae said her client acknowledged ongoing alcohol issues in his life which he had attempted to resolve a number of times, but it was proving difficult.

Judge Savage said his sentencing starting point was 15 months for the excess breath alcohol charge and added two months each for the alcohol interlock licence breach and Sinclair’s menacing driving history.

There was a four-month reduction for an early guilty plea leaving a 15-month jail term. Sinclair was also disqualified from driving for 12 months after which the disqualification becomes indefinite. Reparation of $221.99 was also ordered.