Waikanae library – KCDC gets praise from ROBB

ROBB Chair Christopher Ruthe

The Waikanae Library is in need of restoration. ROBB (Restore our Book Budget community group) asked KCDC if it had attempted to get assistance concerning the restoration of this vital community facility.

ROBB chairperson Christopher Ruthe says it is to KCDC’s credit it sought Government funding from the Government’s “Shovel ready” fund.

KCDC indicated that unfortunately its application was turned down by the Infrastructure Industry Reference Group, who select projects to forward to the government for consideration. No reasons were given. KCDC was simply told the Waikanae Library was not included in the 802 projects (New Zealand wide) being put forward for the government to consider.

KCDC said “We do not have any detail on how our individual projects were assessed.”

Mr Ruthe says ROBB is concerned that the refusal of the Infrastructure Industry Reference Group to give reasons for it’s decisions handicaps councils. Consequently Councils don’t know where the alleged deficiencies are in their applications.

“In this case, KCDC would no doubt have meticulously endeavoured to meet the guidelines set.

“ROBB is delighted in KCDC’s initiative. However, it is concerned that this Council and other Councils who have library problems seem to have to face a carte blanc dismissal of worthwhile applications. Libraries are the greatest wellbeing resource provided by local bodies for its citizens. Wellbeing is this government’s concern. Libraries are vital wellbeing infrastructure. So how can the Infrastructure Industry Reference Group, refuse any funding to libraries,” says Mr Ruthe.