Front Room Series features Tracey Jones

Tracey Jones is hosting a Webinar in the Front Room series.

Kāpiti businesswoman Tracey Jones is hosting a webinar this week as part of the Coming to your Front Room series organised by the Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce and the Kāpiti Coast District Council.

Tracey is the Managing Director of Tracey Jones Insurance Excellence, she started the business 18 years ago with her husband who specialises in Mortgages and Tracey manages the Risk Management (life insurance) arm of the business. Tracey is an Authorised Financial Adviser – Category 2 Products, and a member of the Financial Advice NZ, the Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce and Women in Business.

Starting with very little training and no experience at a time when the industry was deregulated Tracey has worked hard and built an extremely successful business, and has won a number of awards along the way, with the latest being the Judges Award for Insurance Excellence at the 2017 National Financial Advisers Conference.

Tracey loves looking after people and being there when they need her and strives to make a complex concept simple and the process enjoyable.

Tracey will be speaking to us about…

Do you feel good about your insurance?

Insurance can be complex and you can be easily bamboozled by the jargon and the product range. Do I need Trauma Cover? How does that work with Income Protection? Why do I need both? What about all the options for medical insurance – what is best for me and my family? Do I really need this? Will they really pay? What if I forget to tell them something? Are products with different companies all the same?

Tracey will show us how to think about insurance to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Whatever funds you have to spend on insurance; make sure they are spent where you will get the greatest value – and how to prioritise your needs. She will share tips on how to get more out of your cover for less and dispel some of the myths around claims and disclosure. And, you can ask questions!

It really can be simplified. It’s just about having a plan in place, just in case.

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Kāpiti Coast District Council are partnering with the Chamber in delivering these, to ensure that our business community are fully informed.

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