Tim Parry in District-wide Race

Tim Parry is standing as a District-wide candidate in the Kāpiti elections.

“The growth of Kāpiti and environmental issues require careful management, however developing and growing the Kāpiti economy need not be at the total expense of the ratepayer.

Last year a decision was taken not to proceed with borrowing to invest in managed funds. This should never have been taken to a point of voting. I bring commercial experience and a consultative style and will challenge unsustainable commercial ideas. I will as much as possible ask for open accountability with fewer ‘closed to public’ meetings.

I strongly support lower rate increases. The upcoming efficiency review of KCDC will identify key areas where savings can be made which in turn will assist minimal rate increases.

The biggest opportunity over the next 5 years is seamless access from Ōtaki to Wellington via expressway/gully motorway. The obvious threat as population exponentially grows is infrastructure stress. Work and planning done to date should ensure the district can cope through the 2020’s. There are however some tough decisions to be made regarding leaky buildings. I believe short term priorities should include a rebuild of the community centre.

Our coastline is our signature and must be defended. Climate change is making storms bigger, more volatile and more often. Coastal Management currently takes 1.3% of operating expenditure. Factoring an increase to 2% as an expected ongoing cost would be both prudent and realistic.”

Tim Parry

District-wide Candidate

Kāpiti Council