Food for Thought in Kāpiti and Beyond

New Zealand is talking seriously about cleaning up its energy emissions to return to the ‘Clean, Green’ image of yesteryear.

This morning John Campbell on TVNZ Breakfast Show interviewed Michael Liebreich, Chairman and CEO of Liebreich Associates. Michael describes himself as an energy analyst; sponsored to New Zealand by Z Energy to lecture at the University of Auckland’s Energy Centre. Michael addressed the challenges, benefits and future development of other technologies to support the transition to a clean sustainable future not just for New Zealand, but globally.

Kāpiti Coast Professional Hypnotherapist and Psycho-Spiritual Healer, Pamm Millage, addresses the same issue on an individual basis. “Just as the global environment reflects pollution within its atmosphere and in its waterways; so does your body reflect that which it is being fed.

“Your body is the sum total of the energy that feeds its potential,” Pamm says. “It will tell you when it is feeling uneasy. Become aware of stressful thoughts, toxic substances, behaviours, environmental factors and negative emotions and learn how to clean them up to support your body’s return to its natural state of homeostasis or wellbeing. If you ignore your body’s messages for too long, eventually the dis-ease will become embodied and the process back to health becomes harder.”

Suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, anger, grief, can be the emotional result of thinking and responding from a negative or judgemental point of view; perhaps based on current events, past conditioning and the constant influx of data and behaviours within your environment.

Pamm says cleaning up and protecting the magnificent energy system that is you – is in your hands.

Pamm encourages you to take a leap into a healthy, medication free, clean, sustainable future for you and your family by reaching out to a professional you can trust to help you clean up your own energy system, learn how to protect it and create a happy and bright future.

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