A Greek/Australian Adventure For Coasters Musical Theatre

Coasters Musical Theatre is continuing their 2018 season with tongue-in-cheek musical comedy, Xanadu.

Based on the classic film of the same title, the story follows artist Sonny Malone in 1980’s Los Angeles, who paints a picture of the nine muses of Greek mythology, but is disenchanted with his art. The painting comes to life and Greek Muse Kira decides to disguise herself as a mortal Australian roller-skater named Clio.

Under Clio’s influence Sonny meets former musician turned construction company owner Danny McGuire, who owns abandoned theatre Xanadu. Sonny dreams of opening a roller disco and after hearing this dream Danny agrees to give Sonny the theatre if he fixes it up. However soon Sonny discovers this meeting Danny was no random coincidence and that Kira was a part of Danny’s past.

Meanwhile, two of Kira’s jealous older sisters hatch a plan to discredit Kira so that Zeus will banish her. They set about tricking her into breaking one of Zeus’s rules, putting her and Sonny and Danny’s dream into jeopardy.

Directed by Jessica Clough with Musical Director Charlotte Kerrigan and Choreographer Racheal Wilson and starring Bryony Ford-Jones, Robert Arnold and Corran Crispe; this musical is packed with local talent.

Xanadu will be playing at Coasters Musical Theatre between 31st August and the 15th of September. Tickets can be purchased from Ticket Direct or at the Coastlands Customer Service Desk.