Low Carbon Kāpiti calls for Option 1

The Kāpiti Coast District Council is currently deciding on designs for how the old State Highway One at Waikanae Town Centre will be revamped when it is handed over from NZTA to the Council.

Jake Roos of Low Carbon Kāpiti says there are two options in the running: Option 1 that has cycle lanes, 32 parallel parks for cars and a buffer zone between for opening car doors safely, and Option 2 that has no cycle lanes, 41 angle parks and no buffer zone. See designs for each here. Option 2 was developed in response to lobbying by a small group of business owners. Both options actually have more carparks than the 22 there presently.

“We in Low Carbon Kāpiti care about the climate and finding local solutions that have great spin-off benefits, and the cycle-friendly Main Street in Option 1 in Waikanae fits the bill perfectly,” says Mr Roos.

He says the Council wants to know what people think – so tell them to keep cyclists safe, get more people out of their cars and more people visiting the Waikanae Town Centre.

“They must go with option 1. It’s better for our health and wellbeing, as well as that of the local economy and the environment. “Don’t let outdated, short-term thinking of a few dominate the decision, let Council know you think option 1 is the way to go.”

A petition circulating to encourage Council to go with Option 1 is available here – chn.ge/2A3hpBQ