More than a slim chance for Waste reduction grants

Applications for Kāpiti Coast District Council’s annual waste reduction grants are now open.

There are two different types of grants: waste levy funds for community projects and waste levy funds for new technologies and seed funding.

The community projects category is open to community groups, businesses, Iwi/Māori organisations, educational institutions, neighbourhood groups of at least five households, and other community-based organisations.

“The purpose of the community projects grant is to support practical, on-the-ground waste minimisation projects that encourage community participation and education,” said Council Solid Waste Services Manager Glen O’Connor.

Among last years’ successful applicants was Kāpiti Primary School, which received a grant to build a worm farm, an initiative that led to a complete overhaul of the school’s waste management system.

“The grant helped us get a worm farm built and has allowed us to reduce waste significantly,” said Principal Martin Hett.

“Every classroom has a worm bin and our monitors collect the food scraps each day. This new system has allowed the school to reduce the amount of bins in the playground and classrooms. The grant has been a huge help on our journey to becoming more environmentally aware.”

Mr O’Connor said the new technologies and seed funding category is open to businesses, organisations and individuals.

“These grants seek to encourage the establishment of waste minimisation businesses on the Kāpiti Coast and to create opportunities for waste minimisation and economic development through innovative processes and technologies,” he said.

Last year, new technologies and seed funding grants were awarded to the Kāpiti Biodiesel Cooperative to produce biodiesel from used fish and chip oil, to Nufuels Ltd to test processing plastic bags with tyres to make fuels and other products, and to consultancy Organic Wealth to offer their waste reduction consultancy services to Kāpiti businesses at a reduced rate.

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