Short Mild Winter for Kāpiti

Kāpiti’s weatherman Murray Eggers looks at local weather patterns.

“May’s weather was fairly middling, with no major events. The generally cloudy conditions of 2017 continued, and it was slightly cooler than average. Rainfall amounting to around 120mm, spread over the month, was about normal. Early risers might have noticed a couple of slight frosts.

“The average daily maximum temperature of 15.9 degrees was down nearly 2 degrees on last May (probably the warmest ever), but only 0.4 of a degree below the five-year average. The coldest day occurred on Saturday 20th with a maximum of only 11 degrees, and the warmest on Wednesday 17th when it reached just under 20 degrees. There were the equivalent of 13.5 sunny days, a couple less than average.

“Perhaps the almost summery weather on the last day of May and first days of June signals a short, mild winter.”

Kāpiti Airport

The district’s official average daily maximum was 15.4 degrees, half a degree lower than that recorded by me in central Kāpiti.


Wellington’s daily average maximum temperature of 14.3 degrees, was only 1.6 degrees lower than Kāpiti’s but down 1.8 degrees on May 2016. Wellington was slightly warmer than Kāpiti on two days, and equalled it on two. Wellington experienced 12 days on or over 15 degrees compared with Kāpiti’s 24.