Speaking out on Proposed Road Names


The group including myself that recommended new names for SH1 through Kāpiti has stayed silent till now as has the council that invited our input. However, since today’s front page trumpets ‘anger’ (why who has been hurt?) about our list, it’s time to speak out.

The Council asked us for seven original names to mark seven distinct sections, partly to help direct services in an emergency. Try ‘Main Road’ on your GPS and see how many results you get. Of course, you could call them ‘First Bit’, ‘Second Bit’ and so on.

As our report explains, the names honour people active in forming a peaceful Maori and Pakeha community. There are soldiers of the Pioneer Battalion, chiefs, a signatory to the Treaty, the men who invited Kāpiti’s first missionary (Hadfield), the mother of a founding family, a member of parliament, the wife of a Scots pubkeeper, and sons of Te Rauparaha and of an American whaler. They were influential and honourable people.

Te Reo Maori is unique to New Zealand. New Zealanders who claim they can’t pronounce it should be embarrassed, not resentful, especially those who live in Paraparaumu, Reikorangi or Paekākāariki and with a mayor called Gurunathan! These are no harder.

Anthony Dreaver

Raumati Beach

Editor’s Note: Mr Dreaver is a very highly regarded historian and has extensive knowledge of the Kāpiti Coast.