Quiet Road Not So Quiet


In Reference to Letter: Robbed of silence

I’m completely surprised that the road noise can now be heard in places I never expected, for example I have friends that are now further away from the State Highway One than they were but they can now hear noise. Previously they never heard the highway. The distance to the highway from their property is now double what is was.

NZTA have mislead everyone, their “quiet” road was not quantified in a way people can to relate to. The fact is for many it is not quieter than the original road. I’ve heard that they have used an “equivalent” asphalt which if true I suspect isn’t quite as good as what they were going to use. Planting was done so late that it is of no value yet as it needs to grow. Some areas have no noise mitigation at all.

The impact of the traffic getting through from the north faster and making the congestion to the south worse was never communicated to people either.

Granted this expressway has brought positives but there are also some rather big negatives which I believe can be mitigated for the most part and I think should be mitigated.