Pride Awards

The 2016 Pride Awards are open for nominations and are closing soon (31 July)

The Pride Awards Trust publicly recognises and celebrates young people’s achievements so they can be an inspiration to their peers and communities. In particular, we focus on young people who are often unrecognised for their successes the unsung heroes among us.

Check out for more information about eligibility criteria, the Award categories and to complete an on-line nomination for a young person who’s doing great things in their community.

Making a nomination

Nominations may be made by any individual, organisation or association. A young person may nominate themselves for an Award.


The Pride Awards are open to young people aged from 5-17 years old, and living in the Wellington region (including Kāpiti Coast and Wairarapa).

Please note: The Nominee must be between the ages 5-17 years as at the end of the nomination period (31 July).

Key dates

Nominations close: Sunday 31 July 2016

Nominees notified: Wednesday 31 August 2016

Awards Ceremony: Sunday 16 October 2016

Award categories

There are six Awards categories, with a Junior and a Senior Award for each category. This year one winner will be selected as our Most Inspirational Young Person of the Year and will receive a grand prize to help the recipient achieve their dreams and aspirations. The Award categories are:

Leadership Teamwork Award

awarded to a young person who shows consistent strong, positive leadership skills, and/or who works well with others and supports their team by demonstrating patience, good listening skills and respect.


  • leading by example, a formal or informal leadership role

  • participating in and/or contributing to group projects, group challenges, group exercises

    Creativity Innovation Award

    awarded to a young person who can demonstrate innovation or creative expression and original ideas in the arts or in science and technology.


  • creative expression and original ideas in film, dance, painting, or theatre

  • new products/applications, research, development, practical applications of technology

    Community Award

    awarded to a young person who demonstrates an outstanding level of involvement in the local community.


  • all forms of volunteer work

  • involvement in community fundraising exercises

  • involvement in community clubs

    Courage Award

    awarded to a young person who demonstrates courage in tackling difficult situations.


  • having the courage to stand up for themselves and for others

  • saying “no” to peer pressure or bullying

  • rescuing a member of the public in need

  • standing for what’s “right” regardless of personal circumstances or the consequences

  • facing up to and dealing with health problems, disability, addictions or other personal challenges

    Care & Support Award

    awarded to a young person who goes out of their way to help out and takes care of and/or support family members and/or others in their community.


  • working to support family

  • caring for relatives in parental absence

  • taking an adult role in the family

  • caring for and supporting other members of their local community

    Environment Award

    awarded to a young person who has demonstrated a commitment to conservation and/or to protecting and enhancing their local environment.


  • involvement in community conservation projects

  • encouraging family and friends to connect with nature

  • acting to reduce waste/improve energy efficiency

  • protecting our biodiversity.