Ditch water meters, go with the flow

Peter Graham’s letter (March 10) was a forward-thinking view on transferring water throughout New Zealand, like we do with power and other amenities. Considering we now know that global warming is not a myth, we should consider spending some money on investigating Graham’s suggestion.

Countries like our neighbour Australia are well aware of the rise in temperatures; areas such as the Great Barrier Reef, which is monitored by Australia and the world. I suggest that the Government should do a feasibility study on channelling water from one area to another. The Canterbury Plains is an example of an area that is often drought stricken, whereas the West Coast sometimes has more water than it can deal with.

Instead of councils putting water meters in, they should come up with a forward plan of distributing water around their area. I believe cities like Auckland over the next 50 to 100 years will come under extreme pressure to accommodate the growing population. If we can spend $26 million on a flag, surely we can spend a large amount of money on water that no-one in society, rich or poor, can do without.