Cracks begin to appear at Kāpiti Aquatic Centre


The Aquatic Centre is a terrific asset for the Kāpiti community. At the entrance enshrined in a blue background are the names of donors who gave generously towards the construction of the pool. Alas there are cracks starting to appear with the pool and its operation. There is a falling attendance meaning less revenue is generated. Increasing admission charges will not help attendance.

There is a broken balustrade and damaged tiles causing the hydroslide to close. There is a wonderful Aquafit instructor called Wineke whose popularity can be witnessed by the number of people who attend her classes. Unfortunately, a number of other Aquafit classes are cancelled or taken by casual instructors. Filtration systems are rusting earlier than expected and flooring needed to be replaced in the changing room. Staff appear to allow schools from outside the area to use the pool, no doubt for revenue, and when this happens no space is left for local residents.

Did the Architect or the Council specify the type of glass, flooring or filters? It is too easy to blame Mainzeal who were the original contractors.

The Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board should call a public meeting, investigate these issues and make recommendations to Council. They owe a duty to the ratepayers and those subscribers whose names adorn the entrance to the pool.

Bernie Randall