Candidate’s possible selection questioned

Can I suggest that Labour stalwarts might like to ponder that should Cr Penny Gaylor be considered for selection, the possibly embarrassing matter of her having made lying, defamatory statements about me attempting to assault Cr Holborow is something that could well be raised in court this year, relating to my arrest for trespass for paying my rates? (See Waikanae Watch, 7 March,

Cr Gaylor gave her own bizarre version of the Holborow episode during abortive misconduct hearings in August 2015. This should prove interesting to hear explained under cross-examination.

Her shameful attempt to use the white ribbon campaign during those pseudo-hearings was in part responsible for KCDC being asked to stop styling itself as the ‘world’s first white ribbon council’, a matter well reported by KIN. For all her pontificating about the white ribbon she and her council colleagues (other than Crs Elliott and David Scott) were notably absent from the White Ribbon bikers’ event at the community center, and spat the dummy on other planned activities.

K R Bolton