Paekākāariki to host Silly season Kiwi films

The Kiwi experience of Christmas will be celebrated with humour, nostalgia, drama, surprises and delightful kitsch in historic film screening in Paekākāariki’s St Peter’s Hall on Sunday 13 December, from 5.00 to 7.00 pm.

The compilation, entitled ‘All about Christmas 1907-1970,’ will be presented by Nga Taonga Sound and Vision and hosted by the Paekākāariki Community Trust.

“The film clips will have people buzzing, “according to silent movie pianist Gilbert Haisman who will provide live music for the silent sections of the feature. “They bring us into an almost forgotten world through a selection of merry home movies, children’s fantasy, completely daft advertisements, and historic newsreels in delivered in fake British accents, and more. The restored St Peter’s Hall is the perfect place to see it, because Kiwi village culture is in many ways stronger than ever in places like Paekākāariki.”

Other highlights of the feature include quaint advice on holiday safety and long-forgotten aspects of sexism that now seem hilarious. Standout footage comes from ‘Christmas in Ruatoria’ and from the 1953 Christmas message delivered by a youthful Queen Elizabeth.

Admission to the BYO event is $15 (adults), $15 (concession) and $5 (children). Door sales only. All proceeds go to the continuing restoration of St Peters Hall.