Kāpiti joins region to say TPPA: Dont Sign

Kāpiti has already seen several protests against the proposed TPPA deal and many local will be joining a wider action in the Wellington Region next week.

On Saturday 14 November Wellingtonians will again be hitting the streets along with concerned citizens in at least 13 other towns and cities around the country to demand the Government not sign the sell-out TPPA deal, according to It’s Our Future.

“Now we have a finalised text, it’s hard to understand why the Government invested so much political capital into trying to sell this toxic deal”, said Wellington It’s Our Future spokesperson John Maynard.

“The Government’s rosiest prediction for NZ’s tariff cuts a miserable $259 million a year some time in the future are a world away from the rhetoric of a ‘gold standard’ ’21st century agreement’ with ‘comprehensive market access’,” said John Maynard.

“What the text does show us is that our concerns that this deal was a corporate wishlist for foreign investors and multinational corporations were right on the money. New Zealanders have every right to be enraged, it’s little wonder they have marched in such great numbers to oppose the TPPA,” said Maynard.

“This is not what the 21st century should look like. As the international community turns its focus to the UN climate change talks in Paris in December, this deal could stifle meaningful climate action and undermine green job creation.”

“What’s worse, Parliament effectively has no say on this, as the Cabinet Manual makes clear. It’s telling that the Government has to rely on such an undemocratic process characterised by secrecy, privileged corporate oversight and Executive power to push through a deal that threatens our sovereignty.”

“On 14 November Wellingtonians will send a strong message to the Government: Don’t sign, and suffer at the ballot box if you do.”