Council should act on refugee crisis


Council needs to urge government to utilize community support.

What if you were living in a country where you were afraid of being in your own neighborhood. Imagine if the town you grew up in, worked in, and lived in had become completely unrecognizable and bombings and shootings were now normal. What if you had to make the difficult decision to travel in a blow-up boat across the Mediterranean. Finally after many difficult weeks at sea you arrived in turkey only to be taken away and put in a cramped, cold camp. The only way you could get out was if some country like New Zealand decided to take you in. There are so many coasters and kiwis willing to help by opening up their homes and batches. We need to accept more refugees and the NZ government should be ashamed of not doing enough. I believe that the KCDC should urge the government to let in more refugees and follow in Germany’s footsteps.

Annie Budd (13)