Pressure put on new Council to deliver

Dear Editor

Congratulations to Ross Church and the new councillors. I hope they will deliver all they have promised a dam built by volunteers, lower rates, a mayor who is available in the foyer of the town hall all the time for chats with us, removal of coastal hazard lines, etc.

Jenny and the previous two councils under her leadership achieved much needed infrastructure investments in Kāpiti that had been overlooked for decades wastewater, stormwater systems, water supply, aquatic and civic centre replacements, sports facilities, youth development initiative, economic and business developments including the airport park and Clean Technology Centre.

These have been brave, essential but clearly unpopular decisions but I for one applaud Jenny for pushing the best interests long-term for our community.

None of these decisions have benefitted Jenny personally in any way she was only thinking of our community and future generations. Yet she has been publicly slammed by many, including even some who worked on her previous election campaign.

Jenny can leave the council with her head high. Kia kaha Jenny thank you for being a stand out supporter of the Kāpiti community.

Jennie Gutry

Paraparaumu Beach