Kāpiti residents encouraged to dispose of unwanted TVs at drop off events

Residents in Kāpiti are being encouraged to drop off their unwanted TVs at a series of drop-off events in October.

The additional special drop-off sites for residents wanting to recycle their unwanted televisions are all part of the TV TakeBack programme.

TV TakeBack is an initiative to encourage the public to recycle their old TVs, diverting them from landfill. TV TakeBack is also investing in recycling infrastructure and raising public awareness about the benefits of recycling TVs. With increased investment, e-waste recyclers will have the capacity and capability to deal with increased volumes.

Glenn Wigley, TV TakeBack operations manager at the Ministry for the Environment, said Kāpiti residents had a choice of convenient locations to drop off their TVs in October.

Residents should also look out for more drop-off locations coming to Kāpiti.

“Televisions contain materials such as lead that can be harmful to the environment so they shouldn’t be thrown away, but recycled responsibly.

“TVs contain components such as copper and steel, which can be recycled locally, or sent overseas to specialist recycling facilities.

“Metals such as steel can be melted down and used in new items for the construction or agricultural industries. Precious metals can be recovered in specialist facilities overseas for use in new electronic items.

“Glass can be remanufactured overseas into new televisions or monitors, used for sand blasting or in industrial processes. We’re encouraging anyone with an unwanted TV to take it to one of the drop-off sites.”

The Government has committed funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund for TV TakeBack to cover investment in recycling infrastructure, subsidies for TV recycling and a public awareness programme. Money for the Waste Minimisation Fund comes from a levy charged on waste disposed of at landfills.

The additional drop-off sites are:

Saturday 19 October 2013 – Raumati South School, Kāpiti

10am to 1pm.

Sunday 20 October 2013Mazengarb Reserve, Kāpiti

10am to 2pm