Crime down for a third year in a row

Ōtaki MP Nathan Guy has welcomed new crime statistics that show a continuing fall in the crime rate.

“The 2012 Central Police District figures, which include the Horowhenua region, reveal a 7 per cent decrease in crime from the previous calendar year, and a 19 per cent decrease since 2008,” says Mr Guy.

“The Kāpiti-Mana area has had a 3.2 per cent decrease in offences from 2011 to 2012.

“These results are great news for our local communities. They reflect the hard work of our local police, as well as the Government’s commitment to tackle crime and make our families safer in their homes and communities.

“Nationally, recorded crime is down 7.4 per cent or 30,043 offences on the 2011 calendar year. This is the third consecutive year crime has fallen.

“The 70 per cent increase in Police foot patrols, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, the Prevention First Strategy, and the 600 additional frontline officers delivered by this Government are all contributing to our falling crime rate.

“The introduction of smart phones and tablets this month will save more than half a million hours of Police time.

“This time is being invested in front-line crime prevention, which will continue to keep our local communities safe. National will continue to ensure our front-line Police are able to spend more time on the streets preventing crime, and building safer communities.

“We are well on our way to reaching our Better Public Services targets of an overall reduction in recorded crime by 15 per cent, violent crime by 20 per cent, and youth crime by 5 per cent by 2017,” says Mr Guy.