Plunket pleased more kiwi kids having B4 School health checks

Plunket is pleased to hear that more New Zealand families are making use of free B4 School health checks.

The government announced today that nearly 80 percent of four year old children received a B4 School Check last year an increase of around 30 percent on previous years.

Plunket Clinical Advisor Sandra Innes says the B4 School Check aims to ensure that all children get the best possible start to their school life.

“It’s an opportunity to help families spot any issues that might impact on their child’s ability to learn when they start school.

“Things such as hearing, eyesight, behavioural and physical development are all assessed. If any issues are identified children can then be referred to a GP (general practitioner), specialist or other services for further help and support if they need it.

“The B4 School Check is the last check within the Well Child Framework so it’s totally free.

“It’s great to see more families making use of the service but a lot of families are still unaware that they can access free healthcare checks for their children.

“The current Well Child Schedule includes 12 core health assessments (checks) – from birth to four-to-six weeks, there are three Well Child health checks provided by a midwife or GP.

“From age four-to-six weeks to five years there are a further eight checks available. Families requiring extra support are also offered additional checks.

“Even if you’ve missed a few visits it’s never too late to start. Plunket encourage all parents and caregivers to make contact with a Well Child provider and give their child the best start in life”.

To find a Well Child provider in your area call PlunketLine (0800 933 922), visit or contact your local District Health Board.