Kāpiti Police disappointed

Kāpiti Police are disappointed by the actions of some youths, after three out of control parties over the weekend.

Officer in charge of Kāpiti Police Senior Sergeant Alasdair Macmillan says around 10:15pm on Friday night, Police were called to a Raumati South address where a group of uninvited guests, aged between 16 and 20 years, had turned up.

“A large number of Police staff arrived and managed to close the party down with the help of the occupants and no arrests were made.”

Senior Sergeant Macmillan says on Saturday night around 11:45pm, Police were called to Wairere Grove after receiving reports of up to 30 youths fighting on the street.

“An unidentified person threw a bottle, which narrowly missed a Police officer, but hit a patrol vehicle, causing minor damage. Three males, two aged 18 and one 19 years were arrested for disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence.”

Upon the arrest of the 19 year old male, Police located a small knife. This male also faces a charge of possession of an offensive weapon.

It appears the party had been widely publicised on Facebook.

Around 45 minutes later, Police were then called to an Otaihanga address after receiving reports of fighting. Upon arrival, Police found a number of drunken youths, some as young as 14 years, who were returned home to their parents.

“After the recent incidents in Kāpiti, we are disappointed with what has occurred over the weekend. We will continue to take a zero tolerance approach to alcohol and violence on the coast.

Senior Sergeant Macmillan says, “We remain committed to reducing the harm caused by alcohol, especially to young people.”