Airport knight rides supercity mayor

Dear Editor,

Here’s an interesting snippet for your readers. Those who have demonized and vilified Paraparaumu Airport’s major shareholder Noel Robinson as an Auckland fat cat interested in only feathering his own nest may be surprised to hear this. I was watching Monday’s Native Affairs programme on Maori TV (undoubtedly the best TV channel). It was covering the Auckland mayoral race and results. And there was the shot of the victor Len Brown entering his campaign HQ amidst cheers and clapping. And what did I see there in front was Sir Noel cheering and clapping!

I emailed and asked Mr Robinson to check if it was really him given the bollocking he had received in Kāpiti from some quarters that he was a supporter of big business. This was his response: “Yes that was me, What a funny thing they just don’t get it !!!!!!! You are right on line. I am part of the Len Brown team and advisor. I support Len because he will bring the community together as against Banks. It was a great result for Auckland as well for NZ.”

All the post-election commentaries I have read have described Brown’s victory and the victory of a majority of other candidates as a shift to the left and a blow to National and the Act Party which had groomed Mr Banks for victory. So how do you figure Mr Robinson’s position? Any takers?

K Gurunathan

Paraparaumu Beach