Ross Church will establish a Kāpiti Leadership Forum

Mayoral candidate Ross Church is a straight shooter with plans to unite Kāpiti in a bid to move forward on a range of issues.

“People have asked what sort of leadership I would offer,” says Mr Church.

“I would do three things immediately. First, I would establish a Kāpiti Leadership Forum, involving leaders from the schools (Head Pupils), the Youth Council, service clubs, Grey Power, community groups, the Mayor and Council, Iwi, Professional bodies (eg Chamber of Commerce) and any other groups that wanted to have a positive impact on our future.

“This would not be a talk-fest. This would be a way of getting community leadership together, so that we could find a way to work toward the goals of the LTCCP. That Plan is our plan. Let’s find a way to get some immediate wins on the board. Let’s not just leave it all to the Council. Let’s try to get together and get stuck in to making some gains, now,” says Mr Church.

“Secondly, I would have an MMMMM (or similar) day. Monthly Mayors Monday Minutes Meetings. Let’s open up the mayors office so people can come and have a say.

“The Mayor needs to be accessible. Anyone with a positive suggestion pops in for a chat with the Mayor. No appointments. Just come and chat. Only two rules. One: five minutes, so that everyone who wants to can have a chat. Two: must be positive. No point in just being negative. That achieves nothing. Positive suggestions welcomed.

“Thirdly, I support the airport development. The businesses mean extra jobs. I support the Nature Coast initiatives, being planned in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, to attract businesses to Kāpiti. I’ll support anything that gives opportunities to those who wish to work; young, old, or somewhere between,” says Mr Church.