Mayor Rowan deserves another go


Anyone who has worked in the public service or in local government knows that it takes more than one term in office to get problems sorted and major projects achieved. Under Mayor Rowan’s leadership, infrastructure issues that had been neglected for decades were finally grappled with by Council. Mayor Rowan deserves a chance to continue with things she and her Council began. The last Council was a divided group, and undoubtedly the incoming Council will be also. Jenny Rowan has shown she has the leadership skills to work with a diverse bunch of people who hold strongly divergent views. Her Environment Court background gave her the mediation skills to work through very difficult issues. For instance, she personally does not want the expressway, but is prepared to work with NZTA to try to achieve the least bad outcome. She has demonstrated over the last three years that she has energy, imagination, commitment and vision. She deserves another go.

Jill Abigail

Te Horo