Pink Weed-Killer for Kapiti Expressway

Plants sprayed with pink weed killer along the Kapiti Expressway are highly toxic
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NZTA says they have been spraying invasive plants along the Kāpiti Expressway with a weed killer dyed pink and advise “don’t touch these plants. Don’t stop to pick them.”

“Some of you have noticed the pink grass plants along the Kāpiti Expressway. This is pampas grass, which is an invasive species. Pampas provides a habitat for pests such as rats and possums, smothers young trees, and is a fire risk.

“As part of our pest control work, we spray pampas grass with a weed killer. The weed killer is dyed pink to show which plants we’ve sprayed.

“Don’t touch plants dyed pink. We need to stop the spread of pampas – and it’s not safe to stop on the expressway for anything other than an emergency.”