Council teams working to improve water infrastructure

Pipe replacement work in Shannon

Stormy weather did not deter the work of Council contractors to upgrade pipes in Shannon to ensure water resilience for the next 100 years.

While the town slept, water engineers ignored the heavy rain falling on them as they safely replaced the treated water main to Shannon’s water treatment plant.

Mayor Bernie Wanden says, “We’re proud of our contractors and are grateful for their dedicated mahi which will benefit Shannon for many years to come. We’d also like to extend thanks to the Shannon community for their patience and understanding as work was undertaken.”

Prompted by past bursts along the Mangahao Road access track to the plant, Tatana Contractors have been replacing old pipelines in the area since early 2024.

The aging AC pipes, installed in 1985, have been replaced with new polyethylene pipes known for their high strength-to-density ratio. The pipes within the treatment plant have been replaced with the same material.

The cost-effective pipes are more flexible, minimising the need for special pieces or connections, and are resistant to chemical and environmental damage. Used for their resilience because they are less likely to leak or burst than other types of pipes, they have an expected lifespan of up to 100 years.

The works scheduled overnight to minimise disruption to Shannon residents, was completed on Wednesday 1 May 2024. The works mean that the water main supplying the Shannon water treatment plant is now fully upgraded.

Horowhenua CE Monique Davidson welcomes upgrades

Horowhenua District Council Chief Executive Monique Davidson says, “We are dedicated to delivering what matters to our community, and this renewal project is just one of many happening around the district. There are also other significant upgrades happening in Levin.”

As part of our stormwater upgrade and renewal programme, we are also installing a new stormwater main, and renewing the existing one which is nearing the end of its life, on Salisbury Street, Levin. Teams have been trenching, installing new pipes, backfilling the trench and reinstating the road and grass as part of the project which is due to finish by the end of June, depending on weather.

Higgins Contractors Ltd, on behalf of Horowhenua District Council, are renewing and upgrading the existing water and wastewater main on York Street, Levin, to ensure a more reliable wastewater and water network in the town. This work is expected to be completed by early August 2024.

As part of the Tara-Ika future growth project, a new sewer pipeline is also being installed on Tararua Road, Levin.

“Thank you for your patience as this important work is undertaken,” Monique continues. “We all have a right to clean drinking water and reliable water services, and these upgrades will benefit our community for many years to come. Effective water infrastructure means less leaks and costs associated with wasted water, and wastewater infrastructure safeguards public health.” 

“Our teams are always mindful of minimising disruption and keeping people safe during these kinds of projects and we appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation. Please adhere to any traffic management or safety precautions, and remain respectful to our contractors as they make improvements to our district.”

Council teams have also recently completed a substantial project on Stafford Street, Shannon. The area had suffered a number of leaks during the past few years because of aging infrastructure, but the old water main has now been replaced and will service the community for the next century.

Completed in March, Kings Drive and Weraroa Road, Levin, have also had a wastewater pipe upgrade to address groundwater infiltration into the sewer network caused by aging pipes and to prepare for future growth.