Two-way traffic returns to Waikanae Bridge

Waikanae Bridge reopens Southbound lane
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NZTA Waka Kotahi have removed the southbound closure on Waikanae Bridge and opening it back up to two-way traffic.

NZTA’s Emma Speight, Director Regional Relationships says “while there’ll still be speed restrictions on the bridge while we finish work on the shared path, both north and southbound traffic will now be able to cross.

Ms Speight says this means that road users traveling from Waikanae will no longer need to use the detour via the Kāpiti Expressway.

“We do appreciate that the detour via the Kāpiti Expressway has created some delays, and we’d like to thank you all for your patience while it was in place.

Finishing work on shared path clip-on

While vehicles can now cross the bridge in both directions, there’s still some work left to finish on the shared path crossing the bridge before that opens to pedestrians and cyclists. Ms Speight says “We expect to have that work completed, and to open the shared path, by the end of April. When we’ve finished, the clip-on bridge will make crossing Waikanae River safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and better separate drivers from those walking or cycling.”