Title Search vital in House sales

Ceinwen and Chris Howard of Howard and Co in Kapiti
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Often taken for granted, a Title Search on a property for sale can reveal mysteries, traps and the unexplained.

When looking to buy or sell a property it’s essential to understand the factors that influence the value, accessibility and future of that property. Property Title Searches can reduce risk by giving you an understanding of the potential land use restrictions, easements, debts and land value detractors.

Ceinwen Howard, director of Howard and Co on the Kāpiti Coast says a Title search is vital to ensure you know what is being sold and what is being bought.

“The title will show the actual size of the land, and any restrictions, as well as Rights-of-Ways. It will provide a legal description and include information about shared driveways,” says Ceinwen.

“There were lots of Cross Lease properties in Kāpiti in the 1970s and these can be complex and there are plenty of fishhooks. Rights-of-Way remains a current issue for many properties and these can date back to the 1940s. It is really important to have the right information.”

Ceinwen says Howard and Co, cover LIM Reports, KCDC File, Title searches, and says it is very important to have all the relevant information when buy or selling. She says it is advisable to use a solicitor for the Title search and conveyancing to find any issues such as covenants, restrictions and cross leases.

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