Kāpiti Chorale presents Pirate Girls

Kapiti Chorale presents world premiere of Pirate Girls
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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Pirate Girls, a captivating musical brought to life by Linda and Robert Hanson. This is the world premiere performance where you’ll be the first to embark on an exhilarating journey into uncharted waters!

Building on the success of our collaboration with Hanson and Hanson in the production of Hiawatha, we are thrilled to present Pirate Girls to the world as Kāpiti Chorale celebrates our 40th-year anniversary.

Experience the twists of evil plotting, the surprises of unexpected romance, and the unyielding spirit of the pirate girls as they navigate their destinies. From poignant melodies to lighthearted comedic moments, this captivating concert promises an immersive and entertaining experience for all.

Join us in celebrating our 40th-year anniversary with Pirate Girls, a production filled with passion, creativity, and the magic of music. It’s a memorable event that reflects the artistic dedication of Kāpiti Chorale and our talented soloists, inviting you to this remarkable journey with us.

With thanks to thank our sponsors, The Creative Communities Scheme, KCDC Community Boards, The Lion Foundation, and The Law Connection, for their generous support.

Tickets for Pirate Girls are available on Eventfinda https://www.eventfinda.co.nz/2023/kapiti-chorale-presents-pirate-girls/paraparaumu/tickets

The Pirates

One of the most interesting histories about pirates is the story of Mary Read and Anne Bonney, the most famous—and ferocious—women pirates in history.

Anne Bonney was born in the late 1600s in Ireland, the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy lawyer, William Cormac, and his housemaid. Cormac bought a plantation near Charleston, S.C. and immigrated there with his new family. As a headstrong young woman with a ferocious temper, Anne eloped with a young ne’er-do-well, James Bonney, against her father’s wishes. James took her to a pirates’ lair in the Bahamas where he turned informant against the pirates. Anne was disgusted with James’ cowardice and fell in love with the swaggering pirate, Captain Jack Rackham, known as Calico Jack. Disguising herself as a male, she began pirating with him, preying on Spanish treasure ships off Cuba and Hispaniola.

Mary Read was born in England about 1690. After Mary’s father disappeared at sea, her mother took her to London to appeal to her husband’s mother for financial help. The old woman disliked girls so Mary’s mother dressed her as a boy. The mother-in-law was fooled and gladly helped support Mary and her mother.

As a teenager, Mary was hired out as a male servant to a wealthy French woman. Growing bored with this work, Mary, still disguised as a male, enlisted in the Belgian army first as a foot soldier and later in the cavalry. In the cavalry, she fell in love with and married a fellow soldier. She now dressed as a female and she and her new husband became innkeepers, owning the well-known Three Horseshoes in Holland. Unfortunately, Mary’s husband died young and her fortunes dwindled.

Knowing life in the 1700s was easier as a man, Mary reverted back to men’s clothing and joined a merchant ship as a sailor. After a few years, Calico Jack and his pirates commandeered Mary’s ship and she joined his pirates, still disguised as a man. Since Anne Bonney was already part of Jack’s pirate crew, Mary and Anne discovered each other’s “secret” and became close friends. The two women became the most ferocious fighters on the pirate ship.

Eventually, the pirate hunter, Jonathan Barnett, captured Calico Jack and his ship. All of the pirates were tried and sentenced to hang. When asked if they had anything to say for themselves, Anne and Mary said “we plead our bellies.” Both women were pregnant. Their hangings were delayed until after the babies were born. After this their history becomes vague. Some accounts say Mary died in prison. Some say she faked her death and escaped to raise her child in Jamaica. One account says Anne’s father ransomed her from prison and both she and Mary raised their children on a Caribbean island or in Louisiana.