Grey Power Kapiti to reach all citizens

Roger Booth, President of Grey Power Kapiti
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Grey Power Kāpiti President Roger Booth says Grey Power has a wider constituency than just its membership.

  “Grey Power must also be the Voice of All Kāpiti.”

When Grey Power came into existence nationally, we were on track for rather selfish reasons.

We wanted things to be better for older citizens across the country. The achievement of National Superannuation, and later the Gold Card, were clearly senior matters. But those things were achieved long ago, and Grey Power is still around.

There are obviously many things still across our daily life that could be better for those of us who are now senior. Grey Power continues to pursue improvements.

But we are very much also part of the total citizen sector. What our families need, we need. And while there is still interest, the desire – and a reasonable quota of ability in some of us oldies – we believe we should become involved in sorting wider issues.

We certainly have the time to organise, alongside the combined ability to facilitate genuine public discussion, formulate objectives, and then to assist their pursuit.

The Health public meetings in March were our real start for the year at changing our tack a bit as a local seniors’ organisation.

 We are also calling a series of five local public meetings across the year, beginning in Ōtaki in March, in which we encourage locals to voice their local concerns about their particular town(s) and associated needs.

Roger Booth | President

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