Valuable life lessons at Raumati South School

Photo of Year 3-5 pupils from Raumati South School (from L-R: Beatrice Shaw, Zoe Neal, Ripley Gilbert, Rico Tuoro, Charlie Schofield and Bo McDonnell) at Raumati South School, with Jane King and Tom Bruynel from Kapiti Community Foodbank.

“The Tawa Syndicate (Years 3-5) has been learning about how we can help others” says Kristin Cudby, a teacher at Raumati South School. “The children started with helping around our school and then looked at ways to help the community. The children brought in donations for the Foodbank and enjoyed being able to load up the van with all of their donations” continues Kristin. “The children are proud that they have been able to help others in their community. It was such a lovely experience for all.”

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