Incentives for Vaccinated Customers

Lana Vaughan, COO of Raygun offering incentives for vaccinated customers.

Raygun, an award-winning software company, has announced it is on the way to being 100% immunised and is offering significant incentives to any new fully vaccinated sign-ups.

New customers who sign up for Raygun and prove they have been vaccinated will receive 1M free events to use in 2021. Any new plan can qualify for the offer until the end of the year, with a value of up to $1,200. 

Lana Vaughan, COO of Wellington software monitoring solution Raygun, says 100% of their 35 staff have received their first vaccination, with over 80% fully vaccinated. To celebrate this milestone, Raygun is now offering incentives to new customers who are vaccinated.

“This is about celebrating our wider contribution in our community, and acknowledging those who have chosen to do the same,” says Ms Vaughan.

“We all have a role to play and this reflects our team’s stance that the best thing we can do right now is to get vaccinated. We hope that this initiative can help to normalise vaccination and thank others for doing their part.”

Ms Vaughan says she wants everyone to be comfortable voluntarily sharing their vaccination status with her, as she has a responsibility for all Raygunners’ Health and Safety at work. 

“I felt it was important to ask our team members’ vaccination statuses individually so I was able to make a comprehensive plan and put policies in place to protect everyone. This isn’t about shaming or discriminating against anyone, this is about protecting people.”

“After confirming all employees are vaccinated, we’ve implemented a new policy for hosting guests at the office. We’re now mandating that we communicate our policy to guests in advance and request to conduct the meeting virtually if they are not vaccinated. We take the health and safety of our team and guests seriously, which is why we are only able to host others that are also fully vaccinated.” 

There were 60 new Covid cases on Monday. 36 of the cases were linked, with 18 being household contacts. A further 24 were unlinked, and immunologists remain concerned about wider community spread.

Ms Vaughan expects that initiatives of this nature will become common practice as a response to Covid.

“For us this clearly fits within our responsibility of creating and maintaining healthy and safe work environments. This is a no-brainer, and other businesses should consider their own responsibility and look to implement similar strategies.”