Euan Mason wins Howard & Co Summer Series

Kapiti winner of the Howard & Co Summer Series, 15 year old Euan Mason, received his trophy from series sponsor Ceinwen Howard

Kāpiti Cycling Club President Gary Clareburt says this year’s Howard & Co Summer Series was a great success with all races hotly contested.

“The club has had a very good summer and it is clear that cycling is growing in popularity here in Kāpiti. The Summer Series covered riders from all four grades and in the end it was the consistent results of Euan that made the difference.”

Euan finished the series with 107 points. The other placings saw several riders separated by only a few points.

A Grade rider Mike Proudfoot finished second with 94 points, just ahead of Doug Barret on 93 and Dwight Garton on 91.                 

Euan, a 15 year old student at Paraparaumu College student, competed in C grade at the Tuesday Club events held at Southwards Car Museum and Nga Manu Reserve Rd.

Series sponsor Ceinwen Howard of Howard & Co says she was thrilled at the success of the event and to see one of the youngest riders take the title.

“Our young people don’t always get a good wrap and this was a very positive result and showed his great dedication. For someone who has only been competing for six months this is a great reward.”

Ms Howard says it has been a pleasure to sponsor the event. “We are a local boutique business and we like to support locals as well. The club is thriving and we are pleased to be part of that.”

Racing in the Howard & Co Summer Series

Final Points:

Euan Mason 107, Mike Proudfoot 94, Doug Barrett 93, Dwight Garton 91

A Grade Points 

Mike Proudfoot                 94

Katie Richards                  76

Leon Goodwin                  60

Tom Gollins                      57

Paul Rawlinson                 31

B Grade Points 

Dwight Garton                  91

Gary Clareburt                  82

Lee Pownell                      80

James de Hair                  77

Jon Cox                            8

Rhys Evans                       8

Leon Goodwin                  12

C Grade Points

Euan Mason                    107

John Rawlinson                62

Adrian McKenzie              61

Ian Cooke                        39

Kerry Graham                   31

John Pratt                        23

Dave Downer                   25

Tony Levaggi                    29

Andy Ross                        17

Ian Fraser                         28 

Millie Donald                     20

Fraser Beggs                     8            

Tristan Ratcliffe                  6 

Ryszard Balejko                 6

Dean Arthur                       5    

Alex Bissel                         4

D Grade Points

Doug Barrett                    93

Daryl Flaws                      72

Liam Parkes                     55

David Cunningham           50

Francis de Hair                 49

Ryyszard Balejko              30

Steve Gregan                    27

Oscar Goodwin                19

Phil Cocker                       15

Glynis TMK                       12

Alex Arthur                        14

Bill Richards                      5

Penny Mikkelson               5