Car Crash Advice

Car crashes come in all shapes and sizes - be prepared.

Until computers control all our vehicles, we will continue to have crashes because drivers are only human. Unfortunately humans are a bit like hokey pokey ice cream: generally squishy, but with some crunchy bits. So, when accidents happen, there can be a mess.

After a crash

You have a legal obligation to stop if you are involved in a crash. Stop immediately and put your hazard warning lights and headlights on if possible.

Check to see if anyone is injured and render assistance. Don’t move anyone unless they’re in immediate danger or require first aid. See below for more first aid options.

Call the police on 111 if it’s an emergency and people have been injured or killed, or 555 if it’s not an emergency. If you can’t get phone reception, 112 may work.

If possible, send someone to warn oncoming drivers, and if you have a warning triangle, have them take it with them to place between 100-200m before the accident scene.

If your car is able to be moved, move it off to the side of the road, or as far out of the way of traffic as possible.

Do not admit liability to the other driver

Exchange drivers’ names, addresses, registration numbers, phone numbers and names of vehicle owners with others involved in the crash.

Note that it is your responsibility to clear up any broken glass off the road if you can do so. Remove any other debris from the road.

Here is a list you might want to print out and keep handy in your glovebox.

Motor Vehicle Accidents. Information to ask other party involved. Keep in glovebox. (Check list provided by Richard Andrewes)

Name, Address & contact Phone Number of other party:

Time, Date and Place of Accident:

Description of their Vehicle and Regd Number:

Is their car insured? If so, by which Insurer:

Which Insurer covers your car:

What damage has been done to their Vehicle:

What damage has been done to your Vehicle:

Who do you consider was at fault for causing the accident:

Draw a brief sketch of the accident, label your vehicle as A and theirs as B:

Many thanks to Driving Tests NZ and Richard Andrewes.

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